Linguistic Stays in English and French in France or the USA

Linguistic Stays in English and French in France or the USA

Learn English with us, Virtually!!

“practice makes perfect”

We hope you’ll find here everything you’ll need. Our goal is to provide a service yhat will allow you to review the basics and “practice” and help you to reach your goals. We will do our best to be up to your expectations.
Language teaching centered on communication

Our courses are mainly oriented towards conversation, you can nevertheless use your personal documents as a teaching aid. Otherwise We will put at your disposal educational and professional tools for a small fee.

The communicative method uses language as a means of communication. She recognizes that communication has a social purpose: the student has something to say or to discover. With this method of teaching, the important thing is to help the student deliver his/her message. What really matters is understanding and being understood.
The best way to acquire a language is to use, practice, speak and to listen it, and not only through strict grammar and memorization studies. This is why conversation is encouraged, even if it’s a bit harder at first. When a person starts with a basic conversation, he/she feels comfortable in producing the new language. A very important aspect for conversation in a new language is self-confidence. The person must learn to accept that he/she will make mistakes. Every mistake does not need to be corrected, and the speaker should not feel embarrassed when he/she tries to speak. The most important thing is to deliver and understand the message communicated.
Professional Training in English for employees and job-seekers, Tutoring, Homework Assistance, Travel Preparation, Conversation, Cooking, Language Training. 

In person:

In LE MANS, FRANCE, in our HOME or YOURS or USA (Total Immersion, English to children’s course , adults and business).
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