Admin Services / Concierge

Need Time? Buy Time! Timemanagers is your “go to place for time and money saving task delegation”

● Management of openings, reservations and daily management of your AIRBNB account

● Welcoming and Management of groups for all “Le Mans 24h” events and beyond..

● Translations (not official from French to English and vice versa)

● Planning of “turnkey” trips to the USA and Elsewhere..

● Administrative tasks such as (Billing… Storing Information… Finding Information… Answering Phones… Greeting Visitors… Buying Equipment and Supplies… Create and Manage Written… Communications… Meeting Preparation, etc..). You name it!

● Creation of brochures in English or French or both

● Creation of Restaurant menus in English or French or both

● Networking, social links

Then some, just make your request. Our time is your time.

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